How to Make Sure Survey Websites are Legitimate

Lots of people take surveys online in their spare time and find it fun. They can also make some pocket money from doing this. However, it’s important to find the right surveys. Sometimes, picking through the masses of survey invitations in your inbox can be challenging and finding legitimate sites isn’t always easy. Therefore, follow these pointers to find the right sites so you can have fun, contribute your opinion and profit a little into the bargain.

Look for a joining form or sign-up page

A sign-up page is a good indication of a legitimate survey. Consequently, the organiser should be asking for your details to take part in their questionnaire and register your contribution. Surveys that don’t require signing up or only want minimal details are often scam sites.

Can you see company information?

Legitimate companies will display information about their business or organisation on their survey page. However, scam sites won’t give any details away. So, look for information on the survey page telling you about the company conducting the survey. Furthermore, on their website, look for an “About Us” page. If you can’t find a website and/or this page, it’s likely to be a scam.

Is there a privacy policy?

If you can’t see a privacy policy on a survey website, you should start to feel suspicious. This is a typical characteristic of a scam survey site. Legitimate survey sites will list their panelists and include this information in their privacy policy. If you can’t see this, steer clear of the site. You would normally find the privacy policy alongside the terms of use and it’s important because it specifies how the site will handle your details. The terms of use explain the relationship you’re entering into with the survey panel.

Beware of false promises

You may come across a survey site that claims you’ll win some incredible prize like a large cash lump sum. Any site that claims you’ll win or earn a sum of, say, $150 a day is most likely to be a scam. A legitimate survey site will give you a credible incentive to take part in the survey as they truly want honest opinions in answer to their questions. Please bear in mind that you shouldn’t expect to make lots of money by completing genuine surveys but you can earn a little extra cash. If you have any doubt about the survey site or online registration form, don’t go ahead with it.

Protect your identity online

The last thing you should do is share your personal details with a scam site. You don’t know how the site will use your data in the future. Most noteworthy is that it might be worth your while setting up a different e-mail address to try out survey sites you’re unsure of. Consequently, if the site turns out to be a scam, you won’t be sharing your primary email address. Finally, your top priority is to stay safe online and look after your personal identity. Based on this advice, enjoy completing your online questionnaires!